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Il Diavolo e l’Acqua Santa – Rock ’n‘ Roll and more!






BIO: Englisch Version

The rather strange line up of the band is the result of the relationship with the audience. This line up consists of four very distinct personalities that are interpreted by the four musicians to create a mind-blowing live experience not only from a strictly musical point of view, but also in terms of entertainment.

The Band has sound that stems from the classics of rock ’n roll going to swing, and exploring the territories of popular italian music of the 50’s and 60’s reinterpreting it with a boogie sound along with new material written by the four-piece that is able to shake the heart n soul of the new generation that is able to relive in this manner the good old past years, while amongst the youth soars a burning desire to dance and lose their mind in a vortex of notes that recall freedom and will to grow of the great 1950s, an era often associated with a new and charming sound.

The band’s look cured in every little detail from the brillantine to the waste coat, to the bow-tie and cap-toe shoes help to make the band’s style unique and vintage.


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