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Strange Mode – Tribute Band Depeche Mode


Strange Mode formed in 2009 from the shared passion of three friends for great Depeche Mode.

The arduous enterprise of reproducing the myriads of sounds characterizing the mood of DM, the Kings of Electronics, and the desire of being as faithful as possible also to the visual impactof the original performance led Strange Mode to work on the smallest details with a meticulous almost maniacal approach to leave nothing to chance, with all due respect to the kind of music they were reproducing, and in respect of the listeners, most of them being DM devotees.

After one year of hard work spent on sequencers, virtual instruments and mixing phases to achieve the main structure of a possible live concert, the debut took place in the most traditional occasion of a country festival.

But Strange Mode were not yet completely satisfied of the sound performance so they went back to their studio to better tune and they have finally started to go out regularly for live concerts since 2011 getting quickly more and more success and an increasing number of followers.

In order to make the performance more and more similar to DM one, the live concert has been further complemented by a synchronized video projection, laser light and smoke machine. Thanks to all this Strange Mode have been involved in an event arranged by Raduno Devoti (Devotees gathering), which has made them known to DM  fans of Northern Italy.

A  Strange Mode live concert lasts at least 2 hours, covering a wide range of DM songs from the very first ones such as Just can’t get enough and Photographic to more recent albums such as Spirit (2017), including of course must and traditional Personal Jesus and Enjoy the Silence, and songs which have made history such as Walking in My Shoes , Never Let Me Down Again and Black Celebration.

Strange Mode assure a successful performance which tries to reproduce the energy and the magic of great Depeche Mode concerts.

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