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Slipknot Tribute Band // Subliminal Verses









Subliminal Verses sind in der Lage dieselbe Brutalität zu kreieren für die Slipknot besonders in ihren frühen Jahren bekannt waren.

Nachdem es einige Jahre still um die Band Slipknot war, feiern Subliminal Verses mit dem Release von Slipknot’s fünftem Album, 5. The Gray Chapter, nicht nur das lang ersehnte Comeback der Band, sondern auch ihr eigenes 10-jähriges Jubiläum.

Here we go again Motherfuckers!



Subliminal Verses was conceived as an idea back in 2003, pushed by passion and the will of recreating the violent impact of Slipknot shows, both visually and musically.

After some lineup changes, the band finds its stability in 2005 and starts touring to bring the infamous shows of The Nine to the stage.

Starting from late 2007, live performances intensify exponentially and the band starts performing on some of the most prestigious Italian stages: most notably Alcatraz (MI), Live Club Trezzo (MI), Rock’n’roll Arena (NO), Audiodrome (TO), Qube (RM), even bringing their show abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Growing support keeps coming from the Maggots, OT9 (official international Slipknot community) and Roadrunner Records (Slipknot music label), which collaborates with the band providing gadgets and CDs for the attending fans.

In the last few years, Subliminal Verses kept striving for accuracy in upgrading masks, suits, instruments and gear in order to improve, almost maniacally, attitude and live performance. This resulted in establishing an acknowledged international reputation as one of the best Slipknot tributes around.

Subliminal Verses are able to recreate the same brutality that only the original band (especially in the early years) was famous for.

After years of silence, on the release of Slipknot’s fifth studio album, .5: The Gray Chapter, Subliminal Verses celebrated the long-awaited comeback as well as their own tenth anniversary of non-stop activity!





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