FUNKY CHICKEN – Zucchero Tribute Band

The band BASTA UN PO‘ DI ZUCCHERO was officially founded in August 2004 and used to play the tracks Zucchero performed during the LIVE AT THE KREMLIN concert, and many other songs of the Italian artist; The band was unique and particular because during the show they used to play videos on a screen for each song they played. At that time that was an amazing innovation for a tribute band.

After a huge number of concerts, in 2008 the band was nominated the second official tribute band of the artist, as the first one was his daughter’s: the IRENE FORNACIARI’s band. BASTA UN PÒ DI ZUCCHERO began its musical rise a long time ago and since then they amazed audience and promoters during each show thanks to their professionality and congeniality. In 2013 DELFO, the front-man and founder of the band, well known for his great vocal and physical similarity to ZUCCHERO FORNACIARI, changed the band’s name into FUNKY CHICKEN. Now the show is richer and it fits lots of different situations. The new show gives its best both in small clubs and big events. The tracklist includes wonderfull and poetic songs such as DIAMANTE and COSÌ CELESTE and goes through the most popular ones such as BAILA, IL MARE IMPETUOSO, OVERDOSE D’AMORE… The FUNKY CHICKEN band with its new members will make you dance and sing all Zucchero’s hits: let yourself be dragged into a big show where you’ll be protagonist together with the Band.

A big live show that will amaze and rock you!!




Funky Chicken begeistert mit einer sehr grossen Leidenschaft, zum Idol.

Die Band präsentiert alte und neue Hits des Italienischen Hit Giganten.

Die Show ist ein Feuerwerk aus Italischen Songs!!

La Deutsche Vita!



Booking: GAS / Belelux


Brigitte Gross